Otley Ship Otley Ship

federated with Witnesham Primary School

The website for Witnesham Primary can be found here.  




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January 2019


Football Club Awful Auntie Trip for Class 3 Farlingaye Trip for Year 6 Crumble Bot Visit for Class 3 Bombs and Blackberries - Class 3 Play Christmas Fayre - Class 3 Permissions Mock Trial Visit for Class 3 Robotics for Class 3 Crazy Hair Day Dodgeball Under 9's Dodgeball Under 11's Nick Butterworth Visit Christmas Fayre 2018 FILM Club KS1 Trip - Ballad of Rudy Otley Road Closures - Dec 2018 EATs Menu Changes Children In Need 2018 Christmas School Disco Dec 2018 Swimming Permission for January 2019- Class 3 Swimming Permissions for January 2019 - Class 2 School Choir Permissions Cookery Club for January 2019 RoboShow