Otley Ship Otley Ship

federated with Witnesham Primary School

The website for Witnesham Primary can be found here.  


Otley Primary School aims to provide high quality primary education in a caring and stimulating environment, offering equal opportunities to all and enabling the children to realise their full potential.  






We aim to provide a wide, balanced curriculum that will stimulate the intellectual, spiritual, ethical and physical development of each pupil from entry aged 4 plus until transfer at age 11.  We provide a balanced curriculum to which all pupils will have equal access and which explores all areas of experience.  


Within the National Curriculum they are: - English, Mathematics, Science, Geography, History, Art and Design, Music, Information and Communication Technology, Design and Technology, Philosophy, PE, RE plus social, moral, spiritual and cultural skills.  Since September 2006 French has been taught to all children in Key Stage 2.  


The skills that we seek to develop apply to all areas of the curriculum rather than individual subjects.  For example, we seek to help pupils to develop lively, enquiring minds with the ability to question situations.  We seek to make sense of the world in which we live and to give an understanding of the inter-dependence of people.  Of particular importance is the need for pupils to acquire the whole range of skills that they will need for the adult world, this we seek to do throughout the whole curriculum.          


We aim to set pupils challenging but realistic goals which will enable them to achieve academic, personal, social and practical success.  We encourage pupils to see education as a process of continuing development to which they contribute and which is not restricted to their experiences within school.  We seek to provide an atmosphere in which all pupils feel valued and where equal opportunities for all exist.


The child’s first year in school marks the second phase of the Foundation Stage of Learning.  This has its emphasis on the development of the whole child through play and many other activities. We want to ensure that each child continues to grow in self-knowledge and self-esteem. The ability to share, to co-operate and to develop a respect for others will lead them to begin to understand some of the factors affecting their lives. Our aim is to provide a secure environment in which the child can develop confidence, grow and learn.  


At all times we seek to develop in our pupils’ self-confidence, the ability to accept responsibility and to gain independence.  We have high expectations both in behaviour and social awareness.  We seek to develop this in a secure atmosphere.